What is IBA Pool?

An online platform which provides a better billiards/pool playing experience with the goal of standardizing a billiards/pool ranking system that accurately calculates an individuals skill level no matter what format they play.

What we offer?

An online suite of tools to seamlessly manage your leagues, tournaments and events. We offer live scoring, live stat tracking and much more. With 35 years of experience successfully managing leagues, tournaments and events, we are now offering the same set of online tools to you.

Who's it for?

A suite of tools designed for league operators, tournament directors, event promoters, room owners and players of all skill levels and ages.

Online Apps and Services

Over the past 35 years we've designed a suite of apps which our league operators and tournament directors have used to successfully run their organizations and events. Over the past few years we have transitioned those tools to an online suite of apps which league operators and tournament directors can now use to seamlessly run their leagues and events. All scores and stats are submitted to our proprietary ranking system called TruSpot™. No more need to use one app for running leagues, another app for running tournaments and events, while having to submit stats and scores to other organizations and having to worry about data not getting submitted or submitted incorrectly. Free yourself from the burden with our suite of apps where all the hassle is taken care of because that tedious process is all integrated into one system, seamlessly.


IBA Network

When leagues, teams and players participate in the IBA Network, they have access to local, state and regional events that non-participating members don't have access to. Join our network and promote your league, tournaments and events to a worldwide network of players, operators, businesses and venues.

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Coming soon for mobile devices

The IBA member app will launch in 2024