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International Billiards Association also known as IBA, was founded in 2005 by Scott Barrett with the idea of providing a better pool playing experience and handicap system, with the goal of standardizing a pool-rating system that accurately calculates an individual’s pool playing ability no matter what format they play. This is accomplished by using M8 Pool League’s proven rating system known as TruSpot™.

TruSpot™ was created in 1989 and since its inception there have been millions of matches played, with more than 80% of those matches being decided with the final rack being “Hill-Hill”. “Hill-Hill” is a term used to describe the situation where both players are able to achieve their rating in their rack and whoever wins the final rack, wins the match. This is very strong support indicating the TruSpot™ handicapping system is designed to make for fair and exciting play no matter the skill level of the players involved.

The TruSpot™ handicap system has grown so popular in the Minnesota area that it's nearly 10 times larger than any other league system in the area with over 400 teams playing each season and over 4,000 members competing for more than $300,000 in prize money on a local level.

IBA has a suite of tools powered by TruSpot™ available for league operators, tournament directors and host locations to help manage and run leagues and tournaments. IBA is a one-stop-shop for all your pool/billiards management needs. No more using separate league management systems, tournament management systems and player services to run your leagues. No more reporting of match results to outside third party companies and websites when all our tools are wrapped up into one seamless system.

IBA is offering our League Management System (LMS), Tournament Management System (Bracketon™) and our Online Member Services to players, teams and leagues looking for a more complete and robust pool player experience. Once you have tried the rest, come play for the best. To find out more, check out our contact page on how to get started.

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About IBA

International Billiards Association also known as IBA has been in the business of managing pool/billiards leagues since 2005 when it merged with M8 Pool Leagues. M8 has been in business since 1989 and is one of the largest independent leagues in the country. M8 had its own proprietary pool/billiards handicapping system now known as TruSpot™. With millions of sets played in its 32+ year histroy, TruSpot™ has long been touted as the most accurate pool/billiards handicapping system in the business.

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