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Born and raised in Bloomington, MN I started playing pool at the age of 9 when I went to league one night with my dad. I asked him if I could play and immediately fell in love with the game. Pool has become a passion of mine and following this passion, I've been fortunate to travel all over the world pursuing the game I love.

Name:April Larson
Date of Birth:April 28, 2000
Favorite Memory:Winning my first pro event
Favorite Discipline:Practicing straight in full table shots with follow, stop and draw
College:Lindenwood University in Missouri
After Graduation:Pro Pool Player or a career in sales
Sponsors:IBA Pool Leagues, Pechauer Custom Cues, JamUp Clothing, TNT Billiards, Kamui, LoveOurRoof, Nails by Sonny Kim, OnTheWire

My Accomplishments

  • 2021 Ladies Rated Fargo Champion
  • 2019 Collegiate 9-Ball Womens Champion
  • 2017 WPBA Masters Soaring Eagles Tournament Top 4
  • 2016 NAPT Division 1 Summer 10-ball Classic Champion
  • 2016 Junior Valley National 8-Ball Champion
  • 7 time Junior World Championships Team USA Member
  • 5 time BEF Junior National 18 and under girls division champion
  • 5 time Atlantic Challenge Cup Team USA member
  • 2015 Atlantic Challenge Cup MVP
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