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Our regional singles championship is touted by many as one of the most challenging singles events in the country. The event is structured in such a way that it gives all members at any level of ability a chance to win. Every year we have members from the lowest-skill level all the way up to members with the highest-skill level win cash prizes in our singles event. Because the event is flighted by a members ability, every member at every level has a chance to win a cash prize. A member plays matches against other members of his/her ability in thier respective flights. It's not until a member advances to the next flight that they will see members of different abilities. By this time in the flight, these members have already won a cash prize.

Regional singles championship prizes range from $50 - $3,500 along with trophies for 1st place - 8th place.

Our regional team championship is one of the most rewarding team events in the country. There are 3 different levels of play and based on which format your team played during the fall season will deterimine which format your team will play in during the regional-team championship. Regional-team championship prizes range from $100 - $10,000 along with trophies for 1st place - 4th place.

Teams qualify for the regional team championship by competing in the winter, summer and fall seasons, but teams "MUST" play in the fall season of the current year to be eligible for the regional championship.

Our regional MVP championship is just another perk for being a member and a great chance at winning more cash prizes. The MVP championship is a tournament that is specifically for the members who are being rewarded for having a great season. Members who finish in the top 15 of their respective division's MVP list are eiligible to participate in the regional MVP championship. MVP championship prizes range from $30 - $1500 (depending on the number of MVP entries) along with trophies for 1st place - 4th place.

  • A paid entry into the regional MVP championship
  • An MVP trophy
  • An invite to play in the regional singles championship
  • Finishing in 1st place on their division's MVP list
  • Finishing in the top 15 of their division's MVP list

Ask the pro is another perk that members enjoy and take advantage of to help improve their game. This program allows members to submit questions about their pool game to the resident pro. Each week we will select a submitted question to have the pro answer and post the question and answer online for the benefit of the members.

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