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TruSpot™ was developed on the principle that pool players are more accurately handicapped in a "race-to-points" format where every ball matters in every game.

This idea has been found to be crucial in pool leagues where skill levels vary widely. When players are given credit for each ball pocketed in every game, it keeps pressure on both players to perform at the highest level possible.

A mathematical formula is applied to the results of every rack, every set and every match... and it applies to all players equally. This foundation of fairness is what TruSpot™ has been built on since 1989 and is proven to be accurate based on the fact that in its 20+ year history over 1 million sets have been played with over 83% of these sets being decided with the final rack being "hill-hill", which means the player winning the final rack wins the set.

It is obvious that the TruSpot™ handicap system was designed to make fair and exciting match play no matter what the skill level is of each player. TruSpot™ was designed in such a way to give the beginning-level player the ability to compete with the highly-skilled seasoned player. TruSpot™ allows the beginning-level player to make fewer balls than the seasoned player and allows players of all skill levels to fairly compete against one another.

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