Round Robin

In the Round Robin format, players play each of the players on the opposing team one rack. Players earn 1 point for each ball pocketed and 8 points for the 8-ball, 9 points for the 9-ball or 10 points for the 10-ball respectively for each of the different game types. The team earning the most points is the winner of the match.

Teams can have up to 8 players on their roster with 3 - 6 players playing in each match depending on the match type. Match types are: 3X3, 4X4, 5X3, 5X5, 6X3 or 6X6. Match type determines the number of players playing in the match and team handicaps are determined by adding the ratings of the highest rated players playing in the match for each team and subtracting the lower teams' rating from the higher teams' rating and awarding the difference in team ratings to the lower team as the team handicap for the match.

Player ratings are calculated over a series of sets based on how they perform in those matches. Data like turns, safeties and how many points a player earns in their match are tracked. This data is then formulated into a player rating indicating a player's ability. New players will be assigned a temporary rating of 75 for the first 3 matches played. Once the new player has played 3 matches, they will have enough scores in their history to have a calculated rating. This calculated rating will change over time based on how the individual player performs in the matches they play.