Create and run leagues with ease

Our simple to use league management system (LMS) makes creating and running leagues a snap.

You can manage your leagues from your mobile device or desktop.

Player & Team Management

Manage teams and players with ease. Add and remove players from teams. Add and remove teams from divisions. Update player and team statistics, standings and eligibility all from the LMS platform.

Standings & Statistics

Standings and statistics for divisions, teams and players are updated automatically when match and score sheet entry is inputted manually or electronically. Once matches have gone through the verification process, standings and statistics are updated and posted.

Dynamic Scheduling

Create and schedule divisions for match play seamlessly by applying schedules to the division based on the number of weeks and teams in the current season.

Real-Time Scoring

Members who downloaded the IBA Mobile App (coming in 2024) can score matches on their mobile devices.

Multiple Formats

LMS supports Race-To-Points, Race-To-Games and Round-Robin formats


LMS supports SMS and Push notifications for match assignments, schedule changes, table assignments and a whole lot more. Members can easily enable and disable their desired notifications by updating their profile.

Game Types

LMS supports multiple game types. Create divisions for 8 Ball, 9 Ball or 10 Ball

Member Sanctioning

Provide league members the option to sanction with outside sanctioning organizations like Midwest Pool Players Association (MPA), Billiards Congress of America (BCA), Valley National 8-Ball League Association (VNEA) and American Cue Sports (ACS)

Help & Support

Get help and support from the IBA support team by contacting

IBA Network

When leagues, teams and players participate in the IBA Network, they have access to local, state and regional events which non-participating members don't have access to. Join our network and promote your league, tournaments and events to a worldwide network of players, operators, businesses and venues.

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