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IBA Pool Leagues
IBA Pool Leagues

IBA provides tools for league operators to efficiently manage their league, members, tournaments and events. With over 34 years of experience managing leagues, IBA is offering the same tools to division managers, league operators and host locations who aren't just looking for something bigger or better, they are looking for the best.

One important feature of using the IBA Management Suite powered by TruSpot™ is, there is no more using multiple apps or websites to manage your players, finances, tournaments and events. No more using one app for league management, another app for tournament management and another for league, team and player stats. No more reporting match scores to outside third party systems. IBA's Management Suite brings all these features together seamlessly into one easy-to-use suite of apps that makes a league operator's job a lot easier.

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League Management System

IBA's League Management System (LMS) is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool to make managing your league a lot easier. Create teams, schedules, brackets and events. Manage players, memberships and league finances all in one place.


IBA's Tournament Management System, Bracketon™ is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for creating and managing tournaments. Create new or add existing teams and players to tournaments and events. All match and player results are automatically reported to TruSpot™ without any additional uploading or reporting.

Member Services

IBA's Member Services is a simple and easy way for members to keep up on all things going on in the leagues in which they play. Members can view current teams, schedules, stats along with upcoming events, brackets and current results.

Your League, Your Way

IBA's League Management System gives league operators and division managers the flexibility to create the divisions your players desire the most. Operators can create divisions and teams using Race-To-Points, Race-To-Games or Round Robin play types. Operators can create 8 ball, 9 ball or 10 ball divisions in 3 different formats like Leisure, Advanced or Masters. Operators can create singles, doubles, scotch doubles and team divisions on any night of play they choose.


Open format is for new and beginning level players to advanced level players who are looking for a fun night out playing pool and spending time with friends, co-workers and family members. It's a good introductory format for players to get use to playing competitive pool.


Advanced format is for players who are a little more serious about their pool game and like to play in more tournaments. This format typically consists of players who are advanced level players to higher-skilled players who are looking for a bit more of a challenge to improve their game.


Masters format is designed more for the higher-skilled players to semi-pro level players who tend to take their games a little more seriously. These players enjoy the challenge of playing against upper-tier players to help improve their game. These players typically play in more tournaments.

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About IBA

International Billiards Association also known as IBA has been in the business of managing pool/billiards leagues since 2005 when it merged with M8 Pool Leagues. M8 has been in business since 1989 and is one of the largest independent leagues in the country. M8 had its own proprietary pool/billiards handicapping system now known as TruSpotâ„¢. With millions of sets played in its 32+ year histroy, TruSpotâ„¢ has long been touted as the most accurate pool/billiards handicapping system in the business.

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