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The IBA Network is a community of billiards players from around the globe who participate in leagues and tournaments. League operators, tournament directors, room owners, bar/pub owners, businesses and individuals of all ages can participate in the network. Participating members can earn eligibility into local, state, regional and national events.

League operators, tournament directors and room owners can promote their leagues and tournaments to participating members, in turn increasing their business and bottom line. When members participate in these leagues and tournaments, they earn eligibility to play in IBA sanctioned events. The more events players participate in, the more oportunities players have to play in bigger events. It's a win-win for all participants.

If you have a for billiards, this is the community for you!

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Host Location

This partnership is designed for pool rooms, bars or other locations who would like to offer its patrons the opportunity to participate in IBA events. Offering these events brings in more business for the establishment and allows members the opportunity to establish an IBA rating and earn eligiblity to participate in local, state and regional IBA sanctioned events.

Division Manager

This partnership is designed for individuals who would like to work with local establishments to host members, teams and events at their locations. These events can be weekly league matches and/or tournaments. These events will help participating members earn eligibility into IBA sanctioned local, state and regional singles, doubles and team events.

League Operator

Like a division manager, league operators will work with local establishments on a broader scale to host members, teams, divisions and events. They will help organize, schedule and coordinate weekly league matches and events for their members. These events will help participating members earn eligibility into season ending playoffs, seasonal team events and local, state and regional singles, doubles and team events.

District Owner

Similar to league operators, district owners have all the same responsibilities as a league owner, but district owners are responsible for a larger geographical area and could potentially have multiple leagues in their territory. One major difference is that a district owner has exclusive rights to their territory similar to a franchise. So district owners are protected from other IBA leagues infringing on their territory.