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TruSpot™ Handicap System
The TruSpot™ system allows players of all skill levels to compete fairly and evenly against one another

TruSpot™ was developed in 1989 with the idea that there had to be a better way to handicap pool players where each player has a fair and equal chance at winning the match regardless of the skill level of the players involved. This is done by calculating a "spot" the lesser-skilled player receives from the higher-skilled player in order to win the match. This idea is very similar to handicaps in golf where golfers give/get strokes or bowling where bowlers give/get pins.

How Handicaps Are Determined

A mathematical formula is applied to the results of every rack, every set and every match which applies to all players equally. This foundation of fairness is what TruSpot™ has been built on since 1989 and is proven to be accurate based on the fact that in its 32+ year history, millions of matches have been played with over 80% of these matches being decided with the final rack being "hill-hill". This means the player winning the final rack wins the match.

Skill levels are determined by match results being entered into the IBA League Management System by division managers and league operators. These results are then used to determine your skill level by applying a mathematical formula. The formula uses data from your weekly league matches and tournament matches.

Getting Started

New players do not have an established skill level so all new players will play to a temporally assigned skill level for 3 matches used in determining the new players skill level. League Operators and Division Managers are authorized to assign skill levels to players who have an established skill level (rating) from another format or players who have a known skill level, i.e. "known ability". Once a player has an established skill level, it's against the rules for a player to attempt to reestablish his/her skill level at a later time. Players are obligated to disclose the fact that you are a current or former member in another league with an established skill level.

Established Skill Levels

Once a player's skill level has been established and they match up against other established skill levels, players will understand the value and benefits as to why our leagues are so competitive and fair.

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About IBA

International Billiards Association also known as IBA has been in the business of managing pool/billiards leagues since 2005 when it merged with M8 Pool Leagues. M8 has been in business since 1989 and is one of the largest independent leagues in the country. M8 had its own proprietary pool/billiards handicapping system now known as TruSpotâ„¢. With millions of sets played in its 32+ year histroy, TruSpotâ„¢ has long been touted as the most accurate pool/billiards handicapping system in the business.

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