Run Tournaments with Ease

With Bracketon™ you can create and run tournaments or events in a few simple steps. Once created you can either manage a single event or all of the events for a tournament from a single simple-to-use management console. Manage table assignments, match winners, match scores and more without every having to leave the management console.
Tournament Formats

Run single or double elimination events along with round robin events.

TruSpot™ Intergration

All tournament match results are automatically submitted to the TruSpot™ system. No more having to submit results to an outside organization and waiting days for results to be updated.

Match Notifications

Notify players via SMS or Push notifications when their match table has been assigned with an opponent, location, start time and table number.

Live Scoring & Brackets

Say goodbye to the days of people hovering around tournament boards. Players and spectators can access our live scoring and brackets on their mobile devices.

Tournament & Event Templates

Save time on tournament and event creation by storing tournament and event information as a quick template or choose from basic tournament or event types.

Real-Time Statistics

All event statistics and analytics are updated instantly. Quickly analyze current tournament and event statistics to previous tournament and event statistics.

Online Registration & Payments

Enable tournament and event registration so players can register and pay for entry fees online. You can also enable tournament and event waiting lists and RSVPs.

Real-time Scoring

Members who have downloaded the IBA Mobile App (coming in 2024) to their mobile devices can score their match in real-time.

Help & Support

Get help and support from the IBA support team by contacting

IBA Network

When leagues, teams and players participate in the IBA Network, they have access to local, state and regional events which non-participating members don't have access to. Join our network and promote your league, tournaments and events to a worldwide network of players, operators, businesses and venues.

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